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Investment Advisory Services

To prepare an investment plan, we start with in-depth discussion with you about your financial position, time horizon, risk tolerance, goals and expectations.  This profile helps to determine which investments to select and how to diversify your portfolio assets.  You receive monthly reports, and detailed quarterly analysis where we measure your portfolio’s performance against your stated goals and the various market indices.

Fee-based Asset Management

Canterbury Wealth Advisors, LLC is a leader in fee-based asset management.  Our fee programs provide access to many types of investments including a wide selection of mutual funds from virtually all fund families.  As an independent firm, we offer no "in-house" or proprietary investment products.  And, our low fee structure means more of your investment dollars go to work for you.

Pinnacle Account

Investors enjoy access to virtually all types of investments -- stocks, bonds mutual funds, unit investment trust, CDs, preferred stocks, ETFs, etc., for one low annual management fee, deducted automatically on a quarterly basis.  There are no additional transaction costs or postage charges. Account minimum: $150,000 cash or securities.

Summit Account

Mutual fund investors enjoy access to literally thousands of mutual funds, both no-load and load funds at net asset value (no commission) for one low annual management fee, deducted automatically on a quarterly basis.  The account provides the flexibility to create a blended portfolio by selecting funds from a variety of fund families.  The fee structure allows you to adjust or re-balance your portfolio as often as you need without incurring deferred commissions or transaction fees.  Clients may also purchase common stocks for an additional, deeply discounted commission.
Account minimum: $50,000 cash or securities.

Crown Account

Our Crown account provides investors a fee-based asset management account with no asset minimum requirements.  For one low annual management fee, plus a small transaction charge with each purchase or sale, investors may buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, unit trusts, and other investments.  Account minimum: None.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a specialized field that covers such diverse areas as wills, trusts, tax law, insurance, investments and accounting.  Canterbury offers extensive knowledge of the complex world of estate planning.  We specialize in such advanced estate planning techniques as Family Limited Partnerships, LLCs, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Grantor Trusts (including GRATs and GRITs) and Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts, etc.  We work closely with your circle of advisors, attorney, CPA and family members, to protect your assets and minimize the cost of leaving them to your heirs.

The Safety and Security of Your Assets

National Financial Services Corp -- All client accounts are held at National Financial Services Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, one of the country’s leading providers of financial services.   Each account is insured up to $100 million.  Canterbury Wealth Advisors, LLC offers securities through Triad Advisors, LLC. a full-service broker/dealer and registered investment advisor with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  Triad provides trading and execution services for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and money market accounts.

To learn more about our asset management, financial and estate planning services, please send an  e-mail on this website or call or write us.